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Jordan Chou

When I was applying to internships I noticed that there wasn't a lot of resources available for Australian technology students.

There was lots of sites dedicated to the US and some company specific sites but nothing that attempted to detail the recruitment process and the different types of careers paths to undertake. There also wasn't much information on the different process that companies use (so much testing). This meant that I had to trawl various forums to seek out the information I needed, and sometimes even that wasn't enough.

Through my research I discovered many things. Did you know that software development (i.e. coding/programming) isn't the only pathway you can take with your degree? A technology degree is one of the more general degrees you can complete and comes with a plethora of career options that you can choose.

My hope is that with this resource (or guide/tutorial/reference) we can provide you with advice and tips based on our own personal experiences in the various processes. I have assembled a team composed of graduate program experience, and internship experience (software development and security).

Once again, all the tips contained within this site are based on experience. The experiences may not correspond to yours but we hope they come close or at least provide some kind of learning.

If you have any specific questions, email me here.


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