Getting a graduate job

Learn more about technology graduate programs.

What is a graduate program?

A graduate program is similar to an internship, except you are now either fresh out of university (congratulations!) or are one or two years post tertiary studies.

Companies will hire graduates and place them into positions where they can gain experience in industry. Most graduate programs will be one or two years and will involve rotations within the company, for projects relevant to the graduate program.

Graduate programs in Australia, usually open around late February and most will close by late April to early May. This “perfect” time as you’ll be juggling your final year at university with applying for graduate programs *sarcasm*.

Getting a graduate position

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Graduate positions are not limited to just graduate programs. There are entry level or junior positions. As well as the emerging market with startups looking for motivated individuals. However, the information here is based on graduate programs as that is where our experience is from.

This page will cover details from personal experience and tips we think are helpful for graduates. This page will link to the interns page for areas that are appropriate.

The Application Stage

The initial application is where companies get to see your resume and the skills and experience you think are important for the role you're applying for. This is the first impression you will make with a company.

The Testing Stage

The testing stage will be comprised of various types of online assessments. These are most commonly numerical and verbal reasoning, along with numerical induction. Software companies will tend to include coding assessments, in place of the aforementioned types of testing.

The HR Interview

The HR interview is done over the phone. The conversation will be focused on learning more about your experience, motives, attitude and knowledge of the company. You can be asked a range of questions, but the questions are not technical in nature.

The Technical Interview

The technical interview is where the company can learn more about your technical skills and knowledge. This can cover a wide variety of topics. The most common topics are Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems and Design Patterns.

The Assessment Centre

The assessment center is usually the last stage of the process. If you can get past this you've got yourself a graduate position.

Handling Rejection

Being rejected is a very common part of the process when it comes to applying for graduate positions. Visit Handling Rejection to view some tips from first hand experience.

Personal Experience

This section will detail any personal experience we can provide that may be helpful for graduates. Including the stages I went through to obtain my current graduate position. Along with my thoughts on interviews.


Head to Tips to read some helpful tips as well as learn more about some common questions you might have. If more graduate specific questions are asked, this will be updated.