The Assessment Center

A group interview...kind of

Jordan Chou

What is the assessment centre interview?

An assessment centre is a process where candidates are assessed to determine their suitability for their role.

Typically you will be invited to an assessment centre with other candidates who may or may not be competing for the same position as you. Sometimes you could be applying for completely different roles.

Typical Stages

Depending on the company organising the assessment centre there could be many different activities and stages. Some companies may split up candidates into the department or role they are applying for, others may do general stages where everyone does the same activities.

Typical stages for an assessment centre include:

  • General icebreakers/presentations about the company and program you're applying for
  • Group activity with other candidates where they assess your ability to work and contribute in a group environment
  • Individual interview with just you to talk about your experiences and your motivations for applying to the company
  • Lunch/food break

Of course, depending on the company the assessment centre can include many more stages including psychometric tests, or other types of assessments.

I suggest having a look at the other pages (like the HR interview one) as they will likely contain relevant information regarding your assessment cetnre.


  • Make sure you contribute during each of the activities but be accomodating of other candidates too
  • Be prepared, read up on other people's experiences of the company's assessment centre for an idea of what to expect
  • Research the company, try to find something about the company that interests you
  • Relax! Everyone there is as nervous as you are, be confident in your answers and do your best
  • Ultimately, they want to see how well you fit into the company and how well you get along with people. So be friendly!